We carry a range of secialty coffee from around the world, from Latin America, Africa, and South East Asia, for single origin coffee (or) for blending usage.

Sithar Coffee is reputable for our customized unique signature blends and roasting as per our customers’ demand for distinct flavor and aroma. We let our customers order the coffee quantity they can consume, while we never charge nor oversell our customers with contractual obligations.

Sithar Single Origin Coffee

Sithar’s single orgin coffee is carefully selected from plants with good soil condition at higher altitude giving Sithar coffee a high taste profiles and rich aroma. Only ripe cherries are hand-picked, fully-washed (wet-processed) and roasted with passion.

Highland Blend
Highland is Sithar coffee blend with cream of the crops from coffee growing regions around Myanmar. You can also find Highland at supermarket shelves around Myanmar.


Single Origin

 Jamaica Blue Mountain  Brazil  Columbia  Costa Rica


Ethiopia Kenya Tanzania